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Intention Gathering

Intention Gathering organizes retreats / events that require a full-featured registration / ticket /e-commerce system, as well as general content management and artist submission forms.  This website was written in Drupal 7 and is slated to be ported to Drupal 9 in early/mid 2023.

Intention Gathering requires a highly flexible registration system, capable of:

  • registering friends, partners, family members together, as separate registrations, while keeping them all billable on a single e-commerce transaction
  • extensive registration questions in various types (multiple choice, freeform text,etc.)
  • registration questions may change from year to year, but in general should be "clonable" from the previous year, and modifications made to that copy
  • all past and present registration data needs to be still available, even if the questions are no longer "active"
  • extensive reporting needs, with answers to certain questions (food-related, medical-related, etc.) permitted only to certain users
  • multiple tickets of many types, each of them bound to a smaller number of basic registration types (adult, child, etc.)
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Flexible ticket and registration pages

The text that appears on various registration pages can be global, specific to the ticket type, or specific to the registration type.

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Advanced registration system

The registration was implemented using the modules Drupal Commerce, Registration, and Commerce-Registration.  The latter required fairly extensive code modifications to fill the requirements