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ConnectsUs HR

The Connectsus website sells a subscription-based access to various toolkits and resources for assembling custom employee manuals, training manuals and so on, working from prepared boilerplate created by HR professionals. 

The subscriptions are handled by a custom module that is a total rewrite of an unsupported Drupal module, and has many features that the original did not.

Connectsus was originally an Earth Angel client, inherited from a previous contract, and are now handled jointly by Brainflex and Earth Angel Consulting.  Their site includes Constant Contact integration, newsletter scheduling, and document management of hundreds of pdf and doc files, as well as the subscription / e-commerce  functions.

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E-commerce checkout multi-step extension

There are multiple pages of forms that appear before the actual e-commerce checkout (implemented with Ubercart), with questions in the forms dependent on previous step form submission, and on the product being purchased. This is required because of the complex business rules implemented around products and customers.

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Multiple user dashboards

There are multiple products sold by Connectsus, most of them subscription-based.  Each product type has its own user dashboard, as well as Drupal permissions being used to make sure that users cannot load any content they haven't paid for, even if they somehow find the URL

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Access to downloadable paid content

The products can be downloaded as single files or as zipped sets of related files, with the zips being created automatically by the website.  Extensive use is made of the book module, to guide the user through downloading the correct templates for what they are building.

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Trial Accounts

Users can also sign up for a two week free trial account, during which they can explore some parts of the paid content.  They can only download one single template, otherwise they need to purchase a subscription.